STATIONS OF THE CROSS: Part 5 — Simon Of Cyrene Helps Carry Jesus’s Cross, by Michel Quoist

stations of the cross 5 quoist

From: Prayer On The Way Of The Cross

Christ is still dying.
He continues to offer himself to his Father for the redemption of the world through the men who today suffer and die around us.
The Way of the Cross is also the way to life; this a real Christian should never forget.

And led him away to be crucified.  As for his cross, they forced a passer-by who was coming in from the country to carry it, Simon of Cyrene.  (Mark 15:20-21)

Bear the burden of one another’s failings; then you will be fulfilling the law of Christ. (Galatians 6:2)

He passed by on the road;
They pressed him into service.
The first to come along, a stranger.

Lord you accepted his help.
You did not want the help of a friend, the solace of a gesture of love,
the generous impulse of one who cared.
You chose the enforced help of an indifferent and timid fellow.
Lord All-Powerful, you sought the help of a powerless man.
By your own choosing you are in need of us.

Lord, I need others.
The way of man is too hard to be trodden alone.
But I avoid the hands outstretched to help me,
I want to act alone,
I want to succeed alone.
And yet beside me walk a friend, a spouse, a brother, a neighbor, a fellow-worker.
You have placed them near me, Lord, and too often I ignore them.
And yet it is together that we shall save the world.

Lord, even if they are requisitioned, grant that I may see, that I may accept,
all the Simons on my road.

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