STATIONS OF THE CROSS: Part 4 — Jesus Meets His Mother, by Michel Quoist

stations of the cross 4 quoist

From: Prayer On The Way Of The Cross

Christ is still dying.
He continues to offer himself to his Father for the redemption of the world through the men who today suffer and die around us.
The Way of the Cross is also the way to life; this a real Christian should never forget.

As for thy own soul, it shall have a sword to pierce it. (Luke 2:35)

Lord, I pity your poor mother.
She follows,
She follows you,
She follows mankind on its Way of the Cross.

She walks in the crowd, unknown, but she doesn’t take her eyes off you.
Every gesture of yours, every sigh, every blow dealt you, every wound, pierces her heart.
She knows your sufferings,
She suffers your sufferings,
And without coming near you,
without touching you,
without speaking to you,
Lord, with you she saves the world.

Often, mingled with the crowd, I accompany men on their Way of the Cross,
And I am crushed by evil.
I feel incapable of saving the world; it is too heavy and rotten,
and every day at the turn of the road I become acquainted
with new injustices and new impurities.

Lord, show me your mother Mary,
The useless one, the ineffectual one in the sight of men,
But the co-redemptrix in the sight of God.
Help me to walk among men, eager to know their miseries and their sins.

May I never avert my eyes,
May I never close my heart, that in welcoming the sufferings of the world,
with Mary, your mother, I may suffer and redeem.

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