PRAYER: The Great Tomorrow, by Helen Steiner Rice

The Great Tomorrow Helen Steiner Rice

There is always a tomorrow. Tomorrow belongs as much to you as it does to me. The dawn of a new day means the dawn of a new life. We cannot peer into its storehouse, but the very impenetrable mystery which enwraps the every-approaching tomorrow is the one thing that keeps the fires of hope constantly burning.

No matter what our yesterdays have been, tomorrow may be different.

As long as we have life, the fires of hope will not die out; the flame may burn low, but the thought of a new day, the flame which seemed dead leaps forward and the sparks once more fly upward to spur us on.

Even if our today is filled with sadness and defeat, who can foretell what the next day will bring to us? Let us all eagerly await what destiny will deal us. We speak of man meeting his fate, and we speak truthfully, for every day we see life converged to life.

Tomorrow may hold your fate; tomorrow may mean your victory. The great joy of expectation, the wonderment of an unknown realm, the splendor of the vast, unlimitable future all lie in the eternal tomorrow – the day which makes life worth living.



2 Comments on PRAYER: The Great Tomorrow, by Helen Steiner Rice

  1. My Father gave me part of this prayer when my life was at its lowest ebb its been my mantra and since he died in 1996 its been the basis of my life it gave me hope and faith and joy to be alive thank you


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