MYSTICISM: Hildegard de Bingen, An Early Vision

Hildegard de Bingen, An Early Vision

When Hildegard was five years old, she was out walking with her nanny.  They saw a cow, and Hildegard looked deeper and could see the unborn calf inside the cow.  She described the coloring of the unborn calf, amazing her nanny.

When the calf was born, Hildegard’s vision proved accurate.

Shortly after this, Hildegard decided not to share the content of her visions, until she worked with her spiritual teacher, Jutta.  After Jutta, Hildegard kept the her visions secret until her early forties.

Hildegard on the Creation, from the Book of Divine Works

The leaping fountain is clearly the purity of the living God.  His radiance is reflected in it, and in that splendor, God embraces in his great love all things whose reflection appeared in the leaping fountain before he ordered them to come forth in their own shape.  And in me, Love, all things are reflected and my splendor reveals the design of things, just as the reflection indicates their form.  In humility, who is my helper, creation has come forth at God’s command; and in that same humility, God has inclined himself towards me, to lift up again in that blessedness the withered leaves that have fallen and through whom he can do all that he will.  For he fashioned them out of the earth, and from the earth he freed them after the fall.

2 Comments on MYSTICISM: Hildegard de Bingen, An Early Vision

  1. I’m happy one of your posts finally scrolled up in my tag surf – it took Hildegard to lead me to you I guess. I don’t review the tags for ‘God’ and ‘Prayer’ any more – too much overall content and too much naive fundamentalism.

    Glad you’re on WordPress – it’s still kind of a religious and intellectual ‘wilderness’ but it’s always fun to find a bright spot.

    Again, thank you for the post, and the blog – both occasions of reflection for me today.


  2. was in the process of finding a name for a two day old ” baby calf ” , the name Hildegard came to my mind & i liked it . Mothers name is Harriet so they go well together . Tonight , when i looked up Hildegard de Bingen i saw the connection with the cow and calf which reminds me , mystical presence is close at hand to comfort & support . There is more to life than meets the eye !



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