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There are many definitions of prayer.  Evelyn Underhill calls it a loving intercourse with God.  Myriad descriptions refer to it as being a quenching of a thirst.  We, people, somehow and for some reason yearn to connect with God and prayer is one way that satisfies this yearning.

All this is well and good.  And very poetic.  But I take a much more practical and concrete approach to prayer.  Here is my definition:

Prayer is the act of taking of an idea and bringing it into reality through God.

All of us who pray have a general, if fuzzy, understanding of how  prayer works.  We may even have strong feelings about the form it should take — it should involve knees and/or a bowed head.  We should stand.  A cross should be involved.  Or beads.

Underneath all the rules and regulations that we impose on ourselves, though, we sense a reality in what we are doing.  It’s a shimmering reality — we can’t quite touch it or know it absolutely.  But we do understand it’s there.

From my point of view, people do, indeed, understand prayer.  Generally.  I just don’t think most people have the self-confidence to be effective with it.  Or bold enough to use it.

If people are anything, they are shy about asking God for what they want.


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