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This is the final post for Value of Sparrows. Thank you for all your warmth, support, and enthusiasm. With all my love, [...]


  • How It All Started by Pierre Pradervand
    From The Gentle Art of Blessing Bless them that curse you. (Matthew 5:44) At one point in my career, I was employed in the field of international development, working in the Swiss school system with both students and teachers.  During this time I [...]

My writing

  • The Leveling Virtue Of Gratitude
    I was standing at the information desk of a very busy suburban library the other day.  Next to me was a breathless nine-year-old boy, impatient with the help he was not getting from the librarian behind the counter.  The librarian, in his turn, was making a nominal effort to sift through the assorted junk in an open drawer in front of him, letting one of his fingers draw across the surface of the contents like a lover hanging his hand over the side of a boat and lightly disturbing the [...]


Thomas Merton poetry

  • St. John Baptist, by Thomas Merton
    I When, for the fifteenth year, Tiberius Caesar Cursed, with his reign, the Roman world, Sharing the Near-East with a tribe of tetrarchs, The Word of God was made in far-off province: Deliverance from the herd of armored cattle, When, from the desert, John came down to Jordan. But his prophetic messages Were worded in a code the scribes were not prepared to understand. Where, in their lexicons, was written: “Brood of vipers,” Applied, that [...]

Evelyn Underhill

  • underhill stations of the cross
    From The Path of Eternal Wisdom, written under the pseudonym, John Cordelier The Eternal Wisdom Encounters Human Love It is surely humanity’s most poignant moment when the best that it has produced confronts the best that the spiritual universe has given. Then, as at no other station of our journey, the awful travail of the Eternal Wisdom is revealed to the soul in whom he has been born, and who has learned to love him as her dearest possession, adore him as her God. In this supreme hour she [...]


  • My First Vision, or Love’s Touch by Julia Marks
    I was a toddler, or a little beyond toddling.  And while this is nowadays referred to as a near-death experience, I look on it as a vision because it opened doors in my brain and my heart and my soul, and changed my life significantly.  The way I experienced life.  The way I understood life.  The way I lived life. Years ago I took the time to describe the vision.  It reads: Her arms lifted slowly from her sides and arced gracefully over her head.  Her wrists came together, letting her [...]