PRAYER: A Novena Prayer to Rosa Mystica to Reduce the Effect of Evil in the World

Author unknown

Maria, Rosa Mystica, fragrant rose of mysticism, wonderful flower of divine knowledge, of purity and blinding beauty, of brilliant, shining glory, of power and overwhelming blessing love, I kneel before you to pray, to look, and to listen.  To look at you and to inhale your heavenly perfume until I have, above all, taken something of your immaculate, pure, and perfect being into my inner self.  To pray that I should no longer, and above all, ask only for your gifts, for the salvation of, and help for, my body and soul, but to pray that I may become like you, that I may listen attentively and closely to every single word of yours that you have spoken, not only in the past, but even more so in the present, more frequently and more imploringly.

I do not always want to talk and beg but to listen and heed what you say, what you are already saying to me and asking me to do.  I want to listen to your quiet motherly voice when it speaks to me so tenderly and consolingly with motherly understanding and warning.  I want to open my heart to you when he is looking into the bottom of my soul, to remain steadfast, to force myself not to say again that I have no time.  Instead, to endure your sad glance even if I should blush and have to cast down my eyes.

Mary, fragrant rose of mysticism, please help me to take a look inside myself and examine myself so that I may know how I can be able to bear your glance and stand firm before you.  Help me to know myself better, especially in those areas of thought and deed that displease you.  Help me to become more like you.  I promise that I will try.  I also promise to imitate you.  Please help me to work on myself, to let your love shine wherever I am able to work, but most especially for the priests and religious.

Maria, Rosa Mystica, please protect me from all shamelessness and degeneration.  Preserve in me the sense for good and evil.  Prepare me to do battle in defense for all that is pure.  Maria, Rosa Mystica, graciously hear me and pray for me.

Lord Jesus Christ, you have sent me your mother as a wonderful example of holiness and mysticism, and especially as an ideal and patroness for priests, bishops, and religious.  I ask you, grant me your help to imitate your most holy mother more and more, to become a soul of expiation, and a victim soul for those priests and religious who fail you.


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