POETRY: Five Poems on Faith and Perseverance, by Helen Steiner Rice

Never Borrow Sorrow from Tomorrow
Deal only with the present —
never step into tomorrow,
For God asks us just to trust Him
and to never borrow sorrow,
For the future is not ours to know,
and it may never be,
So let us live and give our best
and give it lavishly. . .
For to meet tomorrow’s troubles
before they are even ours
Is to anticipate the Savior
and to doubt His all-wise powers,
So let us be content to solve
our problems one by one,
Asking nothing of tomorrow
except “Thy will be done.”

Mover of Mountains
Faith is a force that is greater
than knowledge or power or skill,
And the darkest defeat turns to triumph
if you trust in God’s wisdom and will,
For faith is a mover of mountains —
there’s nothing man cannot achieve
If he has the courage to try it
and then has the faith to believe.

Spiritual Lesson from Pain
How little we know what God has in store
As daily he blesses our lives more and more.
I’ve lived many years and I’ve learned many things,
But today I have grown new spiritual wings. . .
For pain has a way of broadening our view
And bringing us closer in sympathy, too,
To those who are living in constant pain
And trying somehow to bravely sustain
The faith and endurance to keep on trying
When they almost welcome the peace of dying. . .
Without this experience I would have lived and died
Without fathoming the pain of Christ crucified,
For none of us knows what pain is all about
Until our spiritual wings start to sprout.
So thank you, God, for the gift you sent
To teach me that pain’s Heaven-sent.

“I Am the Light of the World”
In this sick world of hatred
and violence and sin,
Where society renounces morals
and rejects discipline,
We stumble in darkness
groping vainly for light
To distinguish the difference
between wrong and right. . .
But dawn cannot follow
this night of despair
Unless faith lights a candle
in all hearts everywhere. . .
And, warmed by the glow,
our hate melts away
And love lights the path
to a peaceful new day.

Faith is a Mighty Fortress
We look ahead through each changing year
With mixed emotions of hope and fear —
Hope for the peace we long have sought,
Fear that our hopes will come to naught.
Unwilling to trust in the Father’s will,
We count on our logic and shallow skill,
And in our arrogance and pride,
We are no longer satisfied
To place our confidence and love
With childlike faith in God above.
And tiny hands and tousled heads
That kneel in prayer by little beds
Are closer to the dear Lord’s heart
And of his kingdom more a part
Than we who search and never find
The answers to our questioning minds  —
For faith in things we cannot see
Requires a child’s simplicity.
Oh, Heavenly Father, grant again
A simple, childlike faith to men,
Forgetting color, race, and creed
And seeing only the heart’s deep need.
For faith alone can save man’s soul
And lead him to a higher goal,
For there’s but one unfailing course  —
We win by faith and not by force.

12 thoughts on “POETRY: Five Poems on Faith and Perseverance, by Helen Steiner Rice

  1. Hello. One of my students want to use some of Mrs. Rice’s poems and we can’t find the copywriter dates. Is there a link to where I can find these dates?


  2. I have several very favorites of her poems that I have kept in a file for years. Now I want to add them to a book about ‘letting go’ of relationships. What are the guidelines for proper credit given?


  3. Thank you for sharing Helen Steiner s Rice’ s poems. We re so blessed to had such a gifted person among us. To God be the glory!


  4. When God Blessed Me With Helen Rice’s Poems It Opened My Heart and Inspired Me to Write Poems as well She was My Mentor and Gift From God May She Get All the Blessings and Many More For The Hope and Encouragement that Help Souls Restore
    Opens The Kingdom Of God to all Hearts that are Lost and Souls forever More.
    When I Contemplate and Hesitate On The Free Gift from the Lord I realize How Lost I could Be
    But thanks to a Angel Name Helen I have Been Set free..


  5. I’m also poetry’s but the thing is that I wish I can post mines but don’t have a place to start please assist me too I really need to know were to start . Anyway these poems a very powerful and since I know faith I now intend to believe


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