ANGELS: A Prayer to Release Angels, by Kimberly Daniels

Jesus, your word declares that angels intervene in the lives of human beings.  I believe that angels are released by positive confessions, and demons are released by negative confessions.  Father, I thank you for the hosts of Heaven that are operating on my behalf.  Make me sensitive to the existence and presence of angelic beings.  There are more angels working for me than there are demons working against me.  One-third of the angels fell with Lucifer.  This means that two-thirds of the angels in Heaven are working on my behalf.  Lord, I thank you for opening my eyes to see the angelic hosts and chariots of fire circling my situations to fight on my behalf.

In the name of Jesus, I release the angels of prosperity on my behalf.  Because I walk before the lord, the angels of the lord will prosper my way.  Lord, I thank you for angelic intervention in my dreams.  Let the same anointing that was on Jacob be on me to dream dreams of angels.  Father, I thank you for the spirit ladder of the lord that comes from Heaven to the Earth.  The angels are taking away what I do not need and bringing to me that which I need.  I am living under an open heaven that is open to angelic intervention.

I command the angels that take vengeance on the ungodly to fight battles on my behalf.  My battles are not by power and might but by the Spirit of the Most High God.  The weapons of my warfare are not carnal but mighty through God to the pulling down of strongholds.  As I decree and declare the word and will of the lord, angels will be released to minister the vengeance of the lord.  I call the captain of the hosts to go before me in battle with his sword drawn against all that would harm my family and me.

Father, I thank you that you hear my prayers.  I thank you for the angels that excel in strength, hear your responses to my prayers as you command them, and do your bidding.  Blessed be your name, Lord.  Your angels do your pleasure.  I thank you for your angels that watch over me.  I thank you for the angels you have commanded to protect me.  Shut every lion’s mouth that has been set in my way to devour me.

Lord, I thank you for the angels that are sent to answer prayer, minister peace and encouragement, remind God’s people of his love, deliver warnings, reap the end-time harvest, minister to children, inform believers, rejoice when souls are saved, and strengthen believers.


6 thoughts on “ANGELS: A Prayer to Release Angels, by Kimberly Daniels

  1. I prayed the other day, rather asked an unspoken question of God; where are true Prophets today? I love this prayer for it has touched my very soul. I, am the chieftest of sinners so I humble my fleshly body before our Heavenly Father, asking for healing and strenght from his holy angels. Thank you, you are truely blessed.


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